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Natural Health - The Three Great Gifts of Christmas - Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold   

Natural Health - The Three Great Gifts of Christmas - Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold
Marilee Tolen

These can be the three greatest gifts that we can give ourselves - for great health and happiness, slowing the aging process, and for enhanced beauty.

Frankincense helps to calm the emotions. When our emotions are centered and calm, then the body responds by not having stress responses that can be so damaging to our cells. Our mind responds by not being so critical and judgmental, and our soul responds by aligning us with a faith filled outlook on life.

To use Frankincense to help calm the emotions, place one to two drops in your palms, rub together, cup your hands over nose and mouth and take several inhalations.

This oil was one of the most valued oils in ancient scriptures. Today we are starting to learn more about its anti-tumoral effects and how it can be used in the treatment of certain cancers.

It is fabulous for skin and can be blended into facial creams to reverse aging skin. Interestingly, frankincense was used for embalming - to preserve dead tissue. If preserves dead tissue, might it help preserve our living tissue too?

Myrrh is excellent for skin too. Especially dry, cracked, or wrinkled skin. It is also highly indicated for mucous membranes such as for mouth care, perineal care in child birth, and the healing qualities also address respiratory problems such as colds, flu, and bronchitis.

Like Frankincense, it too may bear anti-cancer agents. A 2001 study from Rutgers University shows that a myrhh compound appears to kill cancer cells ("Myrhh, Fragrant Resin with Ancient Heritage, May Bear Anti-Cancer Agents").

Gold - Liquid Gold - is suspected to be the oil of Fir. Powerful for the mind and spirit, Balsam Fir can help transform negative emotions into positive growth. And for the body, it can be used to fight airborne bacteria - and muscular and rheumatic pain.

All of these gifts have so many healing properties for you. Give these gifts to yourself ~ you deserve it.

"Myrhh, fragrant resin with ancient heritage, may bear anti-cancer agents". American Chemical Society. Media Relations, Rutgers University. 6 December 2001. (

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