The precious oil of kings


frankincense Boswellia tree imageFrankincense, also called olibanum, is an aromatic resin obtained from the Boswellia tree. This essential oil gets much of its fame from the Biblical story in which the newborn baby Jesus receives gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh from the Magi. Because of these spiritual associations this precious oil is often burned at Christmas and lavishly used in religious rites.

Highly fragrant and very strong, it is very often used in soaps, oils, deodorant, scents and other products. It is considered to contain healing properties, and is often used to treat respiratory, skin, joint and muscular conditions, as well as being used for meditative and spiritual rituals.

Frankincense olibanum essential oil imageThe resin and oil has a woody, spicy and slightly sweet aroma and blends well with all citrus and spice oils. Like myrrh (another of the gifts presented by kings to the King of kings) it is a resin (dried tree sap), and has long been considered precious and valuable. The resin begins as a milky-white sticky liquid that flows from the trunk of the tree when it's injured. It is then is distilled by steam to extract its precious essential oil, which is then used in modern aromatherapy.

Often traded as a worthy commodity over the centuries, and still today considered something special among those who use it, frankincense has many benefits. On a religious note, it was also an ingredient in the sacred incense and holy anointing oil of the Israelites (Ex 30:34-38).

Benefits and uses

  • The balancing, rejuvenating and skin tonic properties of the essential oil make it useful to help maintain good circulation and optimise healthy digestion when used in a massage oil.
  • It is lavishly used in religious rites. and both together with myrrh is extensively used in burial rituals as an embalming material.
  • It is also considered to be a spiritual oil and is used by many to encourage meditation – if you want to relax or mediate, add five to six drops of the oil to a bath, or place a few drops on a glass slide and leave by a heated radiator.
  • Traditionally it has been used as a remedy for a wide variety of afflictions, including ulcers, hypertension, nausea, fever, indigestion, chest coughs and post-childbirth recovery. Also a good essential oil to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Considered to be a natural remedy for arthritis.  
  • One of the oils that can really calm and soothe the whole body and mind. Frankincense oil is also used for treating anxiety, tension, or stress-related conditions.
  • Especially suitable for conditions where the joints and muscles are very stiff, swollen, and painful.
  • Edible and often used in various traditional medicines in Asia for digestion and healthy skin.
  • Used in modern cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin and has excellent cytophylactic properties (encourages the growth of skin cells) while being a good all-over skin tonic. Frankincense is also very good for the skin and is used in many pharmaceutical products
  • Because of its rejuvenantive properties it is used on sores, wounds, ulcers, infalmed skin and the more mature skin.
  • Burning the incense repels mosquitos and other insects. 

Buying Good quality Frankincense

There are many low grade oils on the market, but if you want to purchase a high quality, pure oil, we recommend shopping to buy your oil or incense at a reputable essential oil supplier. It comes in many grades, with quality based on colour, purity, aroma, and age. A good company who deals with quality products will be able to advise you on the grade they supply.

In summary

Frankincense is one of nature's most cherished gifts. It contains many properties that minister health and healing to the whole person, and can be used as an oil for the skin, or as incense for the respiratory system. It strong pungent and beautiful smell create an atmosphere that relaxes the soul.

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